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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My internship

So... I decided to maybe try posting again. Since my life got a little more interesting. Not much, but a little.

Anyway, today I sent an IM to my supervisor:

Me: so you said something about a cute outfit when we were in the conference room and i wasnt sure if you were talking to me or to dana, so i kind of ignored the comment because i always assume that people are talking to other people & not to me. so - if you were talking to me, i would like to apologize for my rudeness and thank you for the compliment. if you weren't, then this will be somewhat embarrassing for me.
Her: LOL
Her: it was you. like the tights adn dress combo
Her: you're a nut.

Obviously, I'm not the smoothest intern.

I also managed to imply that another coworker is getting fat. I have no idea how that happened, except that he didn't respond well to a joke. (How can I know that he's getting fat if I didn't know him a month ago?) Not that my joke went "What's up man? You look fatter today!"

... again. Not the smoothest.


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